• Housing growth outpacing infrastructure - requires more strategic planning
  • School Infrastructure, lagging behind city growth
  • ]Transportation Infrastructure - focus on addressing limitations and congestion
  • Economic Vitality - developing alliances with key businesses and organizations
  • Foster Dublin business Growth and expansion Opportunities
  • Address alternative modes of transportation (Pedestrian and Bike Friendly) developing healthy, active and supportive infrastructure - planning for the future
  • Address expansion of Park trails and supportive infrastructure promoting healthy living that is family friendly
  • Foster the development of community space that attracts citizens from all areas of the city
  • Focus on protection of park space and future school sites
  • Provide additional transparency regarding City's fiscal stability and financial accountability
  • Address City's contracting policies and procedures

Under his watch:

Safe Routes to School Program for Alameda County

The Safe Routes to School (SR2S) program, which Arun Goel managed from 2012-2015, promoted healthy habits by working with educators, parents and kids to increase walking, biking and carpooling to school. The program wasfunded by Federal funds and local sales tax dollar (Measure B).

SR2S is a comprehensive, proven approach to getting more kids walking and biking safely to school. It gives kids and parents skills, encouragement, and inspiration through a range of activities, events, and lessons, while also addressing local pedestrian and personal safety concerns and traffic congestion.

The program has expanded annually and now reaches more than 160 schools, which was only serving 50 schools prior to Arun becoming the Program Manager for the program and has expanded throughout Alameda County, making this one of the largest in-depth Safe Routes to Schools programs in the nation

BikeMobile Pilot Program for Alameda County

The BikeMobile, which started under his watch originally as a pilot program and has since become a standard offering part of the Safe Routes to School program, was delivered successfully in half the original budget, also becoming a regional example now being implemented throughout the Bay Area. The BikeMobile is a mobile bicycle repair clinic that offers schools, community organizations, and public events in Alameda County free bike repair services, bike mechanics, and safety education. The service focus on get students to ride their bikes which otherwise was not utilized due to minor issues. This program trains a sustainable practices with kids and their families by promoting alternative transportation modes, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and healthier living.