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Well over 300 cyclists had passed through the Dublin/Pleasanton BART Energizer Station by 8:30 a.m., collecting their Bike to Work Day bag filled with snacks, maps, coupons and a nifty "Dublin Cycles!" wristband from the City of Dublin.

MTC Commissioner Scott Haggerty didn't let two flat tires stop him from coming out to support Bike to Work Day. He tried out the ride of his friend, Arun Goel, Safe Routes to School representative for Alameda County Transportation Commission, and spent time chatting with Bike to Work Day volunteers and participants.

Aaron Paule, who lives in the Dublin transit-oriented development next to the station, caught a ride on BART to Union City, where he will finish his commute with a bicycle ride to work. He said when he bikes, the total commute is about 45 minutes, but sometimes he prefers to skateboard, which takes an hour. "It's more relaxing not having to deal with meters in the morning," he said as he checked his mobile phone.

Arun Goel

A voice for Change

Arun is well-educated and capable of grasping complex challenges. Educated with a Masters in Civil Engineering (Construction Management and Transportation) with experience working in the government sector mandated to operate efficiently, effectively, and transparently for an agency that had a 1% administrative cap.

Arun has technical expertise in solving problems with a cutting-edge approach. By using 21st century technology and working respectfully with others, we can more efficiently, effectively and creatively solve complex challenges, cut through bureaucratic red tape, and unify the entire City of Dublin.


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