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The 11-year-old Dublin Ranch Golf Course (DRGC) HOA in Dublin, CA, was in a quandary. Utility bills for operating the pumps, filters, and adjacent lighting for their 140,000 gallon commercial pool were topping out at roughly $21,600 a year. They needed relief, but not just from the high cost of energy for operating the pool. The large concrete deck surrounding the pool itself offered no shade from the scorching summer temperatures.

Solar For HOA PoolIn October 2010, Common Interest Management Services shared with the DRGC Board its previous HOA solar project successes and then introduced the board to Ricky Chu of Rayco Energy. Based in Hayward, CA, Rayco Energy is an energy consulting and design/build firm that designs and implements solar photovoltaic and thermal solar retrofit projects for community associations statewide. Among the competitive offerings DRGC considered, Rayco proposed a unique idea for addressing both the need for solar and shade by designing a combination solar shade trellis system. DRGC loved the idea, and the process of design acceptance and building the trellis structures began.

The project took more than two years of planning, and when the Board and the City of Dublin finally accepted it, the remaining piece was to generate a ballot initiative that was finally approved by the owners. Arun Goel, Board President, and fellow DRGC board members not only played an instrumental role in educating homeowners on the merits of the project to earn their votes, but also proved essential to the management of the project from beginning to end.

Arun Goel

A voice for Change

Arun is well-educated and capable of grasping complex challenges. Educated with a Masters in Civil Engineering (Construction Management and Transportation) with experience working in the government sector mandated to operate efficiently, effectively, and transparently for an agency that had a 1% administrative cap.

Arun has technical expertise in solving problems with a cutting-edge approach. By using 21st century technology and working respectfully with others, we can more efficiently, effectively and creatively solve complex challenges, cut through bureaucratic red tape, and unify the entire City of Dublin.


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