Unity and solidarity are the only
ways to progress the city for a better future

Smart and absolute planning, definitely create exceptional outcomes.

By Denis Cuff-Mercury News:Arun Goel, Rameet Kohli and Lynna Do got the nod for the terms on the commission, a five-member panel that reviews local development plans and policies. The selections were approved unanimously last week by the Dublin City Council.

Goel, a civil engineer, works as a project controls engineer for the Alameda County Transportation Commission. He is active in the county's Safe Routes to School program for children to walk and bicycle to class.

Arun Goel

A voice for Change

Arun is well-educated and capable of grasping complex challenges. Educated with a Masters in Civil Engineering (Construction Management and Transportation) with experience working in the government sector mandated to operate efficiently, effectively, and transparently for an agency that had a 1% administrative cap.

Arun has technical expertise in solving problems with a cutting-edge approach. By using 21st century technology and working respectfully with others, we can more efficiently, effectively and creatively solve complex challenges, cut through bureaucratic red tape, and unify the entire City of Dublin.


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